XModGames APK: Download for free

XModGames APK is one of the best and most searched application APK by android and Ios Gamers. And there is a reason for that, I will explain it below. But first, let me tell you what is this Application all about.

What is XmodGames APK?

XmodGames Apk is a free game hacking application used to hack android games like clash of clans, GTA android, Clash Royal etc. This is not all, the application can be used to hack many games. And it provides many features like gaining health, raising money in games, weapons etc. The application is free to use.

xmodgames apk image

Note: This Apk is not available on Play Store. So we are giving download link at the end of this article. Don’t fool yourself with the apps having same logo and info on play store. They are not the official application.

Now that you know what is this application, let me tell you why you need this.

If you play android games seriously, you need this APK now. But most of all, if you stream the game on some streaming applications, Xmodgames APK has some unique feature for it. Let us see its full features:

XMODGames APK Features

Well, as we mentioned before that it is not just an app to hack an android game. But it can mod the game according to you. Xmodgames provides different mods to games, some increase the capacity (life, time, etc.) of the player and some enhances the graphics of the game or some acts as an accelerator. But that’s not all. The full list of features is given below:

Xmodgames APK features

1. User-friendly UI: The UI of this application is awesome. The application is just like you are playing some game. And the app is not filled with useless features.

2. Support forum: Yes, this application has a forum where you can ask if you need any assistance in operating it. The users of the forum are very helpful and even Moderators are keen to help every time.

3. Screen Recorder: Xmodgames Apk comes with screen recording feature. This feature is especially useful to record your game and making videos of it. Many YouTubers use this app to make videos and uploading it to youtube. Also, you can share these videos easily from the app itself.

4. Regular Updates: This app is updated regularly to fix any bugs and according to the Android version. This thing makes this app secure and easily useful.

5. Small Size: Yes, this is the best feature that I like personally in this application. Xmodgames Application has a size of 10 Mb only. With all these awesome features, the application is optimized well to use it on devices with low storage.

6. Automated gameplay: This feature is exclusive in this application only. Other game hacking applications don’t have this option. By Automated gameplay we mean, you can leave the game and do other works. The app will play the game itself gaining you level without doing anything by you.

This feature is very useful for the users who use streaming apps on their mobile device to make money by streaming games.

App details

Version Info

App Name Xmodgames
Last Updated May 10, 2018
Android Version Requires 4.0+
App Size 10.5 MB
Developer Xmod
Key Feature Effortlessly mod any Android game

Let us now talk about how to install this Application.

Xmodgames APK Installation guide

The process to install xmodgames apk is not tough. Though you have to make sure that your smartphone is rooted before you install this app. There are many guides on how to root your smartphones on the internet. You can search them. The process to install the game is as follow:

1. Download the APK file from below button

  • Now go to your smartphone setting and enable “Install files from unknown sources” option.

2. Install the APK file you downloaded.

3. Now provide root permissions to the app so that, it can show games that are available to hack or mod. These games will be shown in a list of those apps in the app dashboard.

4. Now click on the mods tab in the app, and you will see the available mods for different games present on your phone. You will be provided with the description of the mod, how to use it, what it can do, etc. and also the version of the mod, check everything and download a mod. Or if you launch an app which has Xmodgames support then you will find a small head like icon hovering on the app, you can click on it to install the mods.

xmodgames apk games

5. Now download the mod you want and Launch the application.

Video Tutorial –

HEre is a video tutorial on “How to install Xmodgames apk”. It will help you install the application that you have downloaded mentioned in this article above.

That’s all. Xmodgames APK has been successfully installed on your device. And now you can play your game without any trouble.